[LLVMdev] CommandLine.cpp:189: error: `strdup' undeclared

Henrik Bach henrik_bach_llvm at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 3 18:16:01 PDT 2004

On Sat, 3 Jul 2004, Chris wrote:

>That should work fine.  I'm not familiar at all with internix, but it
>appears to have a buggy header or something.  From what I understand,
>internix is a posix layer for windows.  Have you tried compiling under

No, not yet.

>If you grab the latest CVS sources, they should work fine with
>cygwin, and will probably work better with windows in general than LLVM

>Again, I'm sorry that I don't know more about this and why <cstring>
>apparently doesn't have strdup, it seems really odd.  If <cstring> doesn't
>work, you could try <string.h> explicitly, but it would be much better to
>use cygwin if you can.

As far as I've investigated, it seems more clear to me, that it is the SDK 
of Interix that is buggy, because, if I includes free from <stdlib.h> and 
references it in a small test program, the compiler doesn't complain. The 
same doesn't apply for strdup included from <string.h>, even though it seems 
to be in the standard include path for GCC (/usr/include).

I'll give LLVM version 1.2 a try before moving on with the latest CVS 

Is the patch you send to me still valid though?


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