[LLVMdev] Question: Bytecode Representation of Type Definitions Table

Robert Mykland robert at mykland.com
Tue Aug 26 15:44:37 PDT 2003

Distinguished LLVM Creators,

I've been looking through the bytecode representation of the type 
definition table and had a few questions about it.  There's an enum in 
Types.h that defines all bytecodes that represent the primitive types and a 
few other necessary things:

  0 = 0x00 = Void
  1 = 0x01 = Bool
  2 = 0x02 = UByte
  3 = 0x03 = SByte
  4 = 0x04 = UShort (16 bits)
  5 = 0x05 = Short (16 bits)
  6 = 0x06 = UInt (32 bits)
  7 = 0x07 = Int (32 bits)
  8 = 0x08 = ULong (64 bits)
  9 = 0x09 = Long (64 bits)
10 = 0x0a = Float (32 bits)
11 = 0x0b = Double (64 bits)
12 = 0x0c = Type definition
13 = 0x0d = Label
14 = 0x0e = Function
15 = 0x0f = Struct
16 = 0x10 = Array
17 = 0x11 = Pointer
18 = 0x12 = Opaque

As far as I can figure, the type definition table itself starts back at 
0x0e and I'm thinking that's because the label is the last thing that 
wouldn't have to be only part of a derived type.  But it still seems to 
make some of the low entries in the table ambiguous (at least to me!).  I 
compiled a nice little hello world program into LLVM and then into 
bytecodes (see complete results attached).  Here is the start of the type 
definition table:

Entry 0x0e: Pointer to type 0x0f
0000001a  11 0f

Entry 0x0f: Array of SByte [14] (presumably for "Hello World!\n" constant)
0000001c  10 03 0e

Entry 0x10: Pointer to type 0x12
0000001f  11  |....n...n.......|
00000020  12

Entry 0x11: Pointer to SByte
00000021  11 03

Entry 0x12: Function returning Pointer ( UInt )
00000023  0e 11 01 06

Okay, so looking at entry 0x10: is it a pointer to Opaque or a pointer to a 
function returning Pointer ( UInt )?  I'm guessing the latter.  Similarly, 
entry 0x0e could be a pointer to Struct or a pointer to Array of SByte 
[14].  Again I'm guessing the latter.  I'm worried this low table stuff 
isn't unambiguous in all cases, but then again I'm a nervous guy.  If you 
could set my mind at ease with regard to the lack of ambiguity that would 
be great.

And what's with this Opaque type anyway?  It's in the enum but I haven't 
found an instance of its use, unless of course it's used in entry 
0x10.  The whole missing Opaque thing makes me nervous too.  It seems like 
it was just put there to be unclear.  :-)  But seriously, is it used for 
anything now?  Will it start to get used sometime?


-- Robert.

Robert Mykland     Voice: (831) 462-6725 
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