[LLVMdev] Cleaning out .d files [IMPORTANT CHANGE, read below]

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Thu Aug 21 15:41:03 PDT 2003

> >Obviously it would be nice if this probably didn't exist at all, but I
> >don't know of a good solution to this problem...

> Option 2 is to post-process the .d files and add a line for each header
> file with no dependencies and no commands:
> foo.c: bar.h baz.h
> bar.h:
> baz.h:
> which achieves the same end but without side effects.

So right you are.  :)  I've just checked this fix into the tree:

This means that everyone should do something like this next time you want
to update your tree:

cd ~/llvm            # from the top...
make cleandeps       # remove all .d files
utils/cvsupdate.sh   # Get new Makefile.common
make                 # rebuild all "new and improved" .d files

The new .d files won't cause errors when headers get moved, so I removed
the 'cleandeps' target from CVS, it should be unnecessary now.  :) :)

If you update your tree before running cleandeps, you can manually remove
all .d files as before with a 'find' command.

Thanks Casey!



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