[LLVMdev] the getelementptr noop problem

lee white baugh leebaugh at students.uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 28 21:15:01 PDT 2002

so i confess i'm still not clear on what the first index into
getelementptr is all about.

it makes perfect sense for an example like
getelementptr %mystruct * %reg100
to just return a %mystruct * equivalent to %reg100.

it does *not* make sense to me that
getelementptr %mystruct * %reg100, uint 0
should act the same.  for look, what this speaks of to me is indexing the
first element in an array.  if we are careful to cast it back to %mystruct
*, then it should *work*, although it is useless.  but, i would not expect

int ** x = <some array>;
int ** y = x[0];

to work unless we cast x[0] as an int **, and not the int * it would
otherwise return.

moreover, if this were something that we could really count on acting as a
noop, then we could have

%reg101 = getelementptr %mystruct * %reg100, uint 0
%reg102 = getelementptr %mystruct * %reg101, uint 0
... and so on, and not make a difference.  which to me seems the same as

%regn   = getelementptr %mystruct * %reg100, uint 0, uint 0, ...

which *ought to be* indexing deep into some array.

so -- what exactly does the first indexing uint 0 do?  is it safe to leave
it off?  do all good getelementptrs have it, so that i should assert that
there is one?

thanks a lot for your help!



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