[LLVMdev] Linux-x86 Compatability

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Fri Sep 13 09:39:01 PDT 2002

> ISSUE: INT64_MAX undefined in InstrSelectionSupport.cpp and
> InstructionCombining.cpp.  I'm not completely sure where INT64_MAX comes
> from on Solaris, but C99 says that INT64_MAX is defined in stdint.h,
> but, for C++, only if __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS is #defined.  Solaris (at
> least in CSIL) unfortunately does not have stdint.h, but it does have
> the old inttypes.h - and so does Linux.

Interesting.  INT64_MAX is supposed to be provided by
include/Support/DataTypes.h.  Do you know of a reliable preprocessor
symbol that can be used to determine whether we're on a linux box, or
(better yet) whether the system has a valid <stdint.h>?




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