[LLVMdev] Linux-x86 Compatability

Casey Carter ccarter at cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Sep 13 09:03:01 PDT 2002

ISSUE: In CommandLine.h, gcc 2.96 thinks that the apply() template 
function, when called as:

 apply("Some text string", x)

should be expanded to

 applicator<const char[n]>("Some text string", x)

instead of

 applicator<char[n]>("Some text string", x).

ACTION: Duplicate the template specialization for applicator<char[n]> as 
applicator<const char[n]>.

PATCH: Apply from llvm top level directory with "patch -p0":

Casey Carter
Casey at Carter.net
ccarter at uiuc.edu
AIM: cartec69

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