[LLVMdev] Compile error in include/Support/GraphWriter.h

Casey Carter ccarter at cs.uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 28 00:43:02 PST 2002

Bill? Wendling wrote:

>Also sprach Casey Carter:
>} Issue: GraphWriter includes <ostream>, which my gcc2 apparently thinks 
>} is <ostream.h>.
>} Fix: Make a new <Support/ostream> that handles this discrepancy, ala 
>} <Support/hash_set>.
>Um...was it entirely necessary to issue *8* email messages to the group
>with mostly single-line fixes instead of just one email with all of the
>fixes and an explanation for each?
Actually, yes it was.  Proper netiquette when submitting to a technical 
list is to have a single topic per message.  This makes it easy to track 
issues individually, without the messiness that occurs from bundling 
several issues together in a single missive.  One large email with a big 
lump of diffs is much less clear, and takes substantially more effort to 
parse:  Are the patches independent?  Which fix corresponds to which 

Being new to this group, I am simply acting as my experience dictates 
and discussing these issues in the way I feel is best.  If my 
infamiliarity with the group causes me to occasionally act against what 
is common practice here, I will appreciate it when you inform me that I 
have done so and what the proper approach should be.  

Casey Carter
Casey at Carter.net
ccarter at uiuc.edu
AIM: cartec69

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