[LLVMdev] Breakage in CVS?

Chris Lattner sabre at nondot.org
Thu Nov 28 21:47:01 PST 2002

> > > The following function produces a segv when the begin() is taken from
> > > vmap, the ScalarMap...
> > > 	int count = 0;
> > > 	std::map<Value*, DSNodeHandle>& vmap = theGraph->getScalarMap();
> >
> > Are you sure "theGraph" is not null at this point?
> yes... that call returns sucessfully. the segfault occurs after...

I don't doubt the call successfully returns.  The call basically does some
pointer arithmetic, adding a small constant to "theGraph".  When you
dereference vmap later, you are loading this.  If theGraph is null going
into the call you won't get a segfault there, you will get it later.  So
are you _sure_ theGraph is not null?



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