[LLVMdev] a basic question about BB

Vikram S. Adve vadve at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Nov 14 05:17:01 PST 2002

The choice of which you do should be based on whether you really need a
unified exit node.

It will be faster to traverse all the BBs and examine each terminator
instr. Than to insert the unified exit node.


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> > > I want to know, given a function,  How do I know which block is 
> > > entry block, which blocks are exit blocks? Is there any efficient 
> > > way to dicectly get that information?
> >
> > Given a function you can always use 
> Function::getEntryBlock() to get 
> > the entry block.  You need to scan the function to get the 
> returning 
> > nodes.
> You could also use UnifyExitNode (a pass in analysis) to 
> unify the exits, and then use getExit() to get the exit node.
> -anand
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