[LLVMdev] DSGraph questions

Xiaodong Li xli3 at santoor.cs.uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 10 11:26:00 PST 2002

1. What is the difference between DSNodeHandle and DSNode? What do the
functions getLink() and getSize() do?

2. In the previous email, you mentioned that we can use
DSNode::getPointerSize() to get the number of links, But I checked the
doxygen documentation, there is no such member for DSNode.

3. Previously I use the following code:
for( df_iterator<DSNode*> I = df_begin(pnode), E=df_end(pnode); I!=E; ++i)
  ...           ;
and got lots of error messages when I compile. And the reply was:
>What is the type of pnode?  Guessing from the error message, I would think
>it's a 'const DSNode*'.  You need to use either df_iterator<const DSNode*>
>or a DSNode* argument, you can't mix them.

I checked and found out that I was using
DSNode *pnode = dsg->getNodeforValue(fi).getNode() to get pnode.
So I think it's a DSNode.

Would you please answer these questions? Thanks,

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