[LLVMdev] totally lost

Xiaodong Li xli3 at csil-suna38.cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Nov 1 16:57:01 PST 2002

Dear LLVM:

I wrote a small testcase and I can compiler and run it with gcc, But with
llvm, I got weird error like the following. I really don't know what's
going on. Could you explain? Thanks a lot   -Jerry

Error Message:
xli3|csil-suna38|~/mp2|[25]% llvmgcc testcase3.c
testcase3.c: In function `init':
testcase3.c:5: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size
/var/tmp//cc7nkKdc.s:428: Redefinition of value named 'reg213' in the 'int
*' type plane!

My code:
/* --------------------testcase -----------------------*/
#include <stdio.h>
int *init(int size)
        int *a = (int *)malloc(size);
        return a;
int main()
        int *c;
        c = init(5);
        printf("c[1]=%d\n", c[1]);
        free( c );

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