[PATCH] D42176: [WebAssembly] Optimise relocation iteration to remove n^2 loop. NFC.

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Fri Mar 2 13:17:02 PST 2018

ncw added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D42176#1025779, @sbc100 wrote:

> We could, for example, have an object format the contains one code section per function and one data section per segment.   I'm not suggesting we do that.. but its conceivable.    It would even be pretty easy to have existing tools such as wabt support this (by parsing multiple code and data sections as if they were one).

It wouldn't be a valid Wasm file if it had more than one CODE or DATA section. We'd have to use a custom section if we wanted to do that; it would be an abuse to reuse existing official Wasm sections in a way that doesn't the specified syntax. You're right it's possible, my objection is that it just feels odd to use the Wasm container but not use its way of enclosing functions/data, since those are the core things that we're trying to work with.

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