[PATCH] D44002: [test] Add dotest wrapper

Adrian Prantl via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Mar 2 09:50:12 PST 2018

aprantl added a comment.

> I must admit I haven't. I'm guessing you mean specifically for doing that in combination with lit?

I haven't either :-)
But I would really like to have a bot the builds lldb, runs (what we call today) lit tests and the unittests, and then runs the dotest tests in a number of different configurations with different compilers.

> I assume there is (and if there isn't it's trivial to add) support for overwriting the compiler?

Which tool are you referring to, lit?

We could take this even one step further, by either elevating the big categories (dwarf, dsym, dwo) on the same level as the compiler choice (e.g., run the testsuite for (clang-6.0, dwo)), *or* by sinking the compiler choice into test matrix inside of dotest (basically dotest would accept a list of compilers).



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