[PATCH] D43397: Bring back r323297.

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Fri Feb 16 11:05:02 PST 2018

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It was reverted because it broke the grub build. The reason the grub build broke is because grub does its own relocation processing and was not handing R_386_PLT32. Since grub has no dynamic linker, the fix is trivial: handle R_386_PLT32 exactly like R_386_PC32.

On the report it was noted that they are using  -fno-integrated-assembler. The upstream GAS (starting with 451875b4f976a527395e9303224c7881b65e12ed) will already be producing a R_386_PLT32 anyway, so they have to update their code one way or the other

Original message:

Don't assume a null GV is local for ELF and MachO.

This is already a simplification, and should help with avoiding a plt
reference when calling an intrinsic with -fno-plt.

With this change we return false for null GVs, so the caller only
needs to check the new metadata to decide if it should use foo at plt or
 *foo at got.



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