[PATCH] D35267: Pass Divergence Analysis data to selection DAG to drive divergence dependent instruction selection

Eli Friedman via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Dec 21 12:20:11 PST 2017

efriedma added a comment.

> Do you really consider creating one more DA upon the Selection DAG?

Yes.  IR instructions don't have a one-to-one correspondence to SelectionDAG nodes, so I think you're inevitably going to run into subtle bugs which will be difficult to track down.

The key here is computing whether a SelectionDAG node is "naturally" divergent (divergent regardless of its operands); once you have that, computing and verifying complete divergence is trivial.  And computing whether a SelectionDAG node is naturally divergent shouldn't be hard, as far as I can tell, so this really shouldn't be much code overall.

> Please note that any node that was created in the combiner/legalizer transformation already has the correct divergence because in CreateOperands the new node divergence is computed as OR over it's operands divergence bits.

This is only true if your original computation is correct, and if DAGCombine/Legalization doesn't create any nodes which are naturally divergent.  Neither of those are safe assumptions, I think.  DAGCombine and legalization will transform loads and stores, which could end up creating a naturally divergent node.  And some divergent nodes will never be passed to SelectionDAGBuilder::setValue when you build the DAG, due to the way SelectionDAGBuilder handles values with illegal types.  But I'm not sure that's a complete list of the issues with the current version, and there's no practical way to check without a verifier.


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