[PATCH] D41124: [llvm-objcopy] Add symlink for llvm-strip

Jake Ehrlich via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Dec 18 15:10:00 PST 2017

jakehehrlich added a comment.

Slight update on the direction of this. I'm currently working on two fairly major changes to llvm-objcopy.cpp. 1) is to add the binary input type along with the -B option and the and 2) is for this. I've settled on switching arguments from using the CommandLine library to instead using TableGen for options. This will let llvm-strip and llvm-objcopy share the same executable and have different arguments. So this change will go in at some point but the other changes (-o, -S, etc...) will be abandoned. I played around a lot with the more drastic option of producing two executable and that's a nightmare thanks to CMake. It's also not what other tools have done (see llvm-ar) and using a symlink will reduce toolchain sizes so it seems strictly better from that perspective. Clang, llvm-ar, and I think a couple other tools all use this symlink trick but they also use TableGen so that most of this stuff isn't an issue. So just this change is ready to be reviewed.



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