[PATCH] D35043: [ADT] Enable reverse iteration for DenseMap

Mandeep Singh Grang via Phabricator via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Sun Jul 30 19:06:22 PDT 2017

mgrang added a comment.

> Was it not possible to use something more like what I'd suggested - that would've worked (I think) with PointerLikeTypeTraits? Or did that not seem to work out?

Sounded like Richard had an idea of how to do it even more simply than my suggestion, maybe... (if we removed the base definition of PointerLikeTypeTraits & were able to test on the completeness of the class, rather than checking for the specific member as I'd done)

@dblaikie I tried both ways. Checking is_pointer on a PointerLikeTypeTrait I again ran into compile errors due to incomplete types (similar to the ones I had mentioned earlier).
I tried removing the base defintion of PointerLikeTypeTraits but ran into more compile errors (because now there is no sink for a T which is not specialized?). Like:

  error: cannot initialize return object of type 'llvm::cl::OptionCategory *const' with an rvalue of type 'llvm::cl::OptionCategory **'
        return PtrTraits::getFromVoidPointer(const_cast<void *>(Bucket[-1]));

Also about using SFINAE to check type completeness, this thread states that it's possible but would be broken (what if the type is completed after the point you query it?):



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