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[EuroLLVM] Add missing SPIR-V talk title and abstract

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      <p class="title">
        <a name="17"></a>
-       SPIR-V - TBA
+       SPIR-V infrastructure and its place in the LLVM ecosystem
      <p class="abstract">
+SPIR-V is a new portable intermediate representation for parallel computing designed by the Khronos Group. Although its predecessor, SPIR, was based on the LLVM IR, there are many differences between the formats and the communities behind them.<br /><br />SPIR-V is designed to act as a common IR for high level programming languages standardised by the Khronos Group, to accurately represent the semantics of the source language. It has different programming models in mind, SPMD, single program, multiple data, SIMD, single instruction multiple data, etc. and is organized into a set of capabilities allowing different behaviours depending on which source language is used.<br /><br />This talk aims to answer, or at least open discussions around, a questions regarding the differences and similarities of LLVM IR and SPIR-V. It also tries to familiarize the audience with the SPIR-V/Vulkan ecosystem, and to evaluate the current state of the tooling.<br /><br />Additionally, this talk will inv
 estigate how LLVM-IR could be extended to more closely match the semantics needed by SPIR-V, in particular for graphics applications, but also to more closely express the execution models needed in GPGPU languages.

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                     <a href="http://llvm.org/devmtg/2017-03//2017/02/20/accepted-sessions.html#16">[more]</a>
                   <td class="title">
-                    SPIR-V - TBA - <i>Technical Talk</i> -
+                    SPIR-V infrastructure and its place in the LLVM ecosystem - <i>Technical Talk</i> -
                     <a href="http://llvm.org/devmtg/2017-03//2017/02/20/accepted-sessions.html#17">[more]</a>

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