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Author: dylanmckay
Date: Sun Feb  5 15:21:23 2017
New Revision: 294144

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[docs] Document the staging buildbot

This also adds docs to suggest that maintainers of buildbots for
experimental backends should use this buildmaster.

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Modified: llvm/trunk/docs/HowToAddABuilder.rst
URL: http://llvm.org/viewvc/llvm-project/llvm/trunk/docs/HowToAddABuilder.rst?rev=294144&r1=294143&r2=294144&view=diff
--- llvm/trunk/docs/HowToAddABuilder.rst (original)
+++ llvm/trunk/docs/HowToAddABuilder.rst Sun Feb  5 15:21:23 2017
@@ -6,9 +6,19 @@ Introduction
 This document contains information about adding a build configuration and
-buildslave to private slave builder to LLVM Buildbot Infrastructure
+buildslave to private slave builder to LLVM Buildbot Infrastructure.
+There are two buildmasters running.
+* The main buildmaster at `<http://lab.llvm.org:8011>`_. All builders attached
+  to this machine will notify commit authors every time they break the build.
+* The staging buildbot at `<http://lab.llvm.org:8014>`_. All builders attached
+  to this machine will be completely silent by default when the build is broken.
+  Builders for experimental backends should generally be attached to this
+  buildmaster.
 Steps To Add Builder To LLVM Buildbot
@@ -73,6 +83,11 @@ Here are the steps you can follow to do
    * slaves are added to ``buildbot/osuosl/master/config/slaves.py``
    * builders are added to ``buildbot/osuosl/master/config/builders.py``
+   It is possible to whitelist email addresses to unconditionally receive notifications
+   on build failure; for this you'll need to add an ``InformativeMailNotifier`` to
+   ``buildbot/osuosl/master/config/status.py``. This is particularly useful for the
+   staging buildmaster which is silent otherwise.
 #. Send the buildslave access name and the access password directly to
    `Galina Kistanova <mailto:gkistanova at gmail.com>`_, and wait till she
    will let you know that your changes are applied and buildmaster is

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