[PATCH] D29500: [DWARF][PATCH] Keep track of spilled variables in LiveDebugValues

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When variables are spilled to the stack by the register allocator, we sometimes lose track of their debug locations.
Specifically, this happens when the spill occurs in a basic block where the spilled register is not known to contain the value of a 
user variable relevant for debugging, i.e. there is no DBG_VALUE instruction that associates variable and register preceding the 
spill. LiveDebugValues propagates the location information down the dominator tree but ignores the spill.

Note that the LiveDebugVariables pass keeps track of spills that occur in BBs where there is already a DBG_VALUE instruction 
describing the variable's debug loc.

This patch proposes to detect spills of variables in LiveDebugValues, insert appropriate DBG_VALUES instructions after them,
and ensure that the spill locations are propagated down the dominator tree by the existing mechanism.

Brief example:

      %r8d = MOV32rm %rip, 1, _, @glob1, _, debug-location !47 :: ...
      DBG_VALUE debug-use %r8d, debug-use _, !33, !39, debug-location !47
      MOV32mr %rbp, 1, _, -68, _, killed %r8d :: (store 4 into %stack.5)  <= spill of r8
    !33 = !DILocalVariable(name: "intb", scope: !21, file: !3, line: 10, type: !8)


LiveDebugValues propagates the debug loc for "intb" but ignores the spill:

    DBG_VALUE debug-use %r8d, debug-use _, !33, !39, debug-location !47
    MOV32mr %rbp, 1, _, -68, _, killed %r8d :: (store 4 into %stack.5)  <= spill of r8
    < r8 is killed by something, the range for "intb" ends >


The patch recognizes the spill, inserts a new DBG_VALUE instruction after it. The spill location
is propagated down the dominator tree.

      DBG_VALUE debug-use %r8d, debug-use _, !33, !39, debug-location !47
      MOV32mr %rbp, 1, _, -68, _, killed %r8d :: (store 4 into %stack.5)  <= spill of r8
      DBG_VALUE debug-use %rbp, -68, !33, !39, debug-location !47
      < the range for "intb" now includes rbp-68 >	
      DBG_VALUE debug-use %rbp, -68, !33, !39, debug-location !47

Implementation notes:

- Adding a new method transferSpillInst() whose job is to recognize spills of debug-info relevant variables and to generate DBG_VALUE instructions for them.
- Since we don't want to insert new instructions in transfer() because we're iterating over the BB, we track the spills in a separate map and insert the new DBG_VALUE instructions after we are done iterating.

Impact on compile time, debug info size and quality (measured using a large application):

- no measurable compile time impact
- very small increase (<.1%) in size of .debug_loc and .debug_info sections
- using a simple quality measure based on the percentage of code covered by location information (relative to total code size) a slight improvement from 42% without the patch to 44% with the patch

Note: Calls kill the stack pointer, so ranges for spilled variables are ended with each call. This is an orthogonal issue, but it diminishes the improvements we are getting with this patch when we suppress the frame pointer.



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