[PATCH] D29478: [GlobalISel] Generate selector with predicates; use it for FP binops.

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Thu Feb 2 16:56:27 PST 2017

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This emits (rule-level) checks for pattern predicates.  That mostly includes
subtarget feature checks.  This lets us emit a selector for basic FP binops.

Using all predicates as-is in the selector emitter is not going to be
trivial in general: predicates can be arbitrary code (running in
a <Target>DAGToDAGISel member), so, over time, we've grown some pretty
interesting uses.

In the long run, we'll want to either:

- add first-class support for the different families of predicates
- add some mappings from DAGToDAGISel code to the GISel equivalent

Or a combination of both.

I originally tried to express each Predicate as a RuleMatcher
predicate child, but, without the extra checking and grouping of
predicate families, that just looked like noisy boilerplate.

In the meantime, use the aggregate raw predicate check code string.



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