[PATCH] D29324: [ELF] - Allow to combine sections of type SHT_NOTE with different attributes.

George Rimar via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Jan 31 08:49:47 PST 2017

>So, this really looks like a bug in the kernel. Even some of its flags
>are marked alloc.
>Can you try changing include/linux/elfnote.h to have
>#define ELFNOTE(name, type, desc)               \
>        ELFNOTE_START(name, type, "a")          \
>                desc                    ;       \
>        ELFNOTE_END
>and see if that fixes the problem?

Sure, I'll check that tomorrow and return with info.

By the way, may be we want to implement some simple option like -z permissive-flags, which
will ignore flags checks ? It looks it can be not a unique case for software that have such issues.


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