[llvm] r289538 - [DAGCombiner] Match load by bytes idiom and fold it into a single load

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Fri Dec 16 06:24:32 PST 2016

On 16 Dec 2016, at 15:32, Artur Pilipenko via llvm-commits <llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org<mailto:llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org>> wrote:

This really feel like it should be linearly filling in the provider for each byte of the bytes that survived to be used, with no copying or other movement. That way you can only recurse through the byte providers you actually care about, etc. Does that make sense?
The tradeoff of this approach is that we need to scan the whole tree for each individual byte.
Although I really like how the code simplifies when collectByteProviders needs to collect the origin of one byte. If you think that multiple iterations over the tree is not a problem I’ll post this version up for review.


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