[PATCH] D27722: [GVNHoist] Move GVNHoist to function simplification part of pipeline.

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Tue Dec 13 11:59:17 PST 2016

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> Subject: [PATCH] D27722: [GVNHoist] Move GVNHoist to function simplification part of pipeline.
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> Overall LGTM.
> In the past I have seen some improvements to function inlining due to
> hoisting happening before inlining.
> Also there may be some sinking (in cfg-simplify) happening before we
> have a chance to hoist expressions.
> Let's commit this, and I will report if I see perf degradations, in
> which case we may as well run hoisting before and after inlining.

Broader topic, but shouldn't we run a full function-simplification pipeline before inlining? That seems necessary in order to generate good inline cost estimates. Otherwise, for example, you'll inline something that looks small only to fully unroll a loop, etc. and have it become larger.


> Thanks for your patch!
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D27722

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