[PATCH] D27679: WIP: simplify format member detection in FormatVariadic

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Mon Dec 12 09:32:53 PST 2016

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This replaces the format member search, which was quite complicated, with a more
direct approach to detecting whether a class should be formatted using the
format-member method. Instead we use a special type llvm::format_adapter, which
every adapter must inherit from. Then the search can be simply implemented with
the is_base_of type trait.

Aside from the simplification, I like this way more because it makes it more
explicit that you are supposed to use this type only for adapter-like
formattings, and the other approach (format_provider overloads) should be used
as a default (a mistake I made when first trying to use this library).

The only slight change in behaviour here is that now choose the format-adapter
branch even if the format member invocation will fail to compile (e.g. because it is a
non-const member function and we are passing a const adapter), whereas
previously we would have gone on to search for format_providers for the type.
However, I think that is actually a good thing, as it probably means the
programmer did something wrong.

The patch is still rough around the edges (some things could be renamed, docs
updated a bit, ...), but I wanted to get an early feel whether you think this is
a good idea.



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