[PATCH] D26037: Add LoopSink pass for PGO.

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> > danielcdh added a comment.

> > We need this pass to remove LCSSA nodes because this will be the
> > last
> > loop pass.

> > Another question is: shall we pin this pass to PGO only? If not, we
> > can simply add it to lib/Transforms/IPO/PassManagerBuilder.cpp

> Static branch prediction is conservative in predicting loop
> iterations (loop scale). This means it is likely some blocks (if
> wrapped under __builtin_expect) inside the loop will be wrongly
> marked as colder than preheader which can trigger loop sinking
> wrongly.
Can you please elaborate? If we statically predict a modest number of iterations, which seems like a reasonable trade off, and we have a block which is expected to not execute (because of __builtin_expect), then is it obviously wrong that it should be colder than the preheader? If the opposite of __builtin_expect is "almost never", which is true for error paths and the like, then that seems not unreasonable. Why would loop sinking hurt there? 

Thanks again, 

> Making this pass depending on PGO is a safer thing to do.

> David

> > https://reviews.llvm.org/D26037


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