[PATCH] D26006: Further reduce the number of allocators

Rafael Avila de Espindola via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Oct 26 19:00:12 PDT 2016

It changes where things are allocated from. Right now every file has 3 allocators for the sections. With the patch all of them use a common allocator, so stuff from the same file is closer together. We also don't fragment memory as much.

On October 26, 2016 8:02:22 PM EDT, Rui Ueyama <ruiu at google.com> wrote:
>ruiu added a comment.
>I don't think I fully understand why this can make things faster. This
>patch replaces
>  llvm::SpecificBumpPtrAllocator<[derived class of InputSection]>
>  std::unique_ptr<InputSection>,
>so the number of allocations and the number of deallocation (which
>should be zero if _exit is called) don't change, IIUC.

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