[PATCH] D25945: [lsan] Relax check for allocator_end in ProcessGlobalRegionsCallback.

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Tue Oct 25 08:45:57 PDT 2016

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While testing I hit on //CHECK_LE(allocator_end, end)// randomly from one build to another. Looking to //GetAllocatorGlobalRange(&allocator_begin, &allocator_end)// just few lines above this check, It appears that **allocator_end** theoretically may become equal to **end** (if allocator locates in top addresses of corresponding global section).
Just relax this check to avoid such failure.




Index: lib/lsan/lsan_common_linux.cc
--- lib/lsan/lsan_common_linux.cc
+++ lib/lsan/lsan_common_linux.cc
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@
     GetAllocatorGlobalRange(&allocator_begin, &allocator_end);
     if (begin <= allocator_begin && allocator_begin < end) {
       CHECK_LE(allocator_begin, allocator_end);
-      CHECK_LT(allocator_end, end);
+      CHECK_LE(allocator_end, end);
       if (begin < allocator_begin)
         ScanRangeForPointers(begin, allocator_begin, frontier, "GLOBAL",

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