[PATCH] D25858: [tsan][llvm] Implement the function attribute to disable TSan checking at run time

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Thu Oct 20 17:42:29 PDT 2016

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This implements a function annotation that disables TSan checking for the function at run time. The benefit over __attribute__((no_sanitize("thread"))) is that the accesses within the callees will also be suppressed.

The motivation for this attribute is a guarantee given by the objective C language that the calls to the reference count decrement and object deallocation will be synchronized. To model this properly, we would need to intercept all ref count decrement calls (which are very common in ObjC due to use of ARC) and also every single message send. Instead, we propose to just ignore all accesses made from within dealloc at run time. The main downside is that this still does not introduce any synchronization, which means we might still report false positives if the code that relies on this synchronization is not executed from within dealloc. However, we have not seen this in practice so far and think these cases will be very rare.

(This problem is similar in nature to https://reviews.llvm.org/D21609; unfortunately, the same solution does not apply here.)

This is patch 2 out of 3. (See https://reviews.llvm.org/D25857)



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