[PATCH] D25691: [DAGCombiner] Add vector demanded elements support to computeKnownBits

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Mon Oct 17 12:16:32 PDT 2016

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Currently computeKnownBits returns the common known zero/one bits for all elements of vector data, when we may only be interested in one/some of the elements.

This patch adds a DemandedElts argument that allows us to specify the elements we actually care about. The original computeKnownBits implementation calls with a DemandedElts demanding all elements to match current behaviour. Scalar types set this to 1.

The approach was found to be easier than trying to add a per-element known bits solution, for a similar usefulness given the combines where computeKnownBits is typically used.

I've only added support for a few opcodes so far (the ones that have proven straightforward to test), all others will default to demanding all elements but can be updated in due course.

I could add DemandedElts support to computeKnownBitsForTargetNode in this patch if required (this could be useful for x86 target shuffles...).




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