[PATCH] D25676: [ELF] - Add support for -nopie

George Rimar via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Oct 17 07:25:44 PDT 2016

>> +# RUN: not ld.lld -pie -nopie %t1.o -o %t2 2>&1 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=ERR
>> +# ERR: -pie can not be used with -nopie
>What does gold/bfd do in here? The common behaviour for options like
>this is to use the last one.

Yep, I just updated the diff to do that.
That is consisten with ld and not consistent with gold which returns error:

umb at ubuntu:~/tests/131$ gold -pie -nopie
gold: fatal error: -pie and -static are incompatible

Since it is fine with ld, I guess we can do the same.


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