[PATCH] D24167: Moving to GitHub - Unified Proposal

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Fri Sep 2 11:50:01 PDT 2016

beanz added a comment.


I apologize if my frustration comes off as rage. I believe that healthy debate is valuable and should be welcomed, but I also believe that debate has a place, and that this isn't debate. While I don't burn my CA voter's guide, it at least is a bit more honest about the fact that it publishes paid opinions (which I generally don't read). If you would prefer to follow the format of the CA voter's guide I'd feel way more comfortable with this. The idea of providing a dedicated space for arguments and rebuttals that are clearly labeled as the opinions of a person or group of people is not objectionable to me. I object to the intermingling of opinion and fact that blurs the lines between the two.

Comparing the proposals isn't the problem. The problem is that this document draws conclusions from the comparisons. All of that is fixable, and I spoke with Mehdi before he posted this review and voiced my concerns and willingness to help improve the document.

The problem is also not you thinking something is true, the problem is the document doesn't say "@jlebar thinks the mono repo is better because ...", it says "the mono repo is better because ...". These documents will be consumed by many people who are not following the review or dev list threads on the topic, which means that separating the opinion and fact will be very difficult for most of the audience.

I apologize for any comments I've made that have made you feel unwelcome in this conversation. It is not my intent. The discussions around moving to Git have caused a lot of passionate discourse which has already been way too unwelcoming to many members of our community. In the future I will strive to keep my responses less impassioned.



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