[PATCH] D24181: IfConversion: Add assertions that both sides of a diamond don't pred-clobber.

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Thu Sep 1 18:38:15 PDT 2016

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One side of a diamond may end with a predicate clobbering instruction.
That side of the diamond has to be if-converted second. Both sides can't
clobber the predicate or the ifconversion is invalid. This is checked
elsewhere, but add an assert as a safety check. NFC




Index: lib/CodeGen/IfConversion.cpp
--- lib/CodeGen/IfConversion.cpp
+++ lib/CodeGen/IfConversion.cpp
@@ -1753,10 +1753,11 @@
   bool DoSwap = false;
   if (TClobbersPred && !FClobbersPred)
     DoSwap = true;
-  else if (TClobbersPred == FClobbersPred) {
+  else if (!TClobbersPred && !FClobbersPred) {
     if (TrueBBI.NonPredSize > FalseBBI.NonPredSize)
       DoSwap = true;
-  }
+  } else if (TClobbersPred && FClobbersPred)
+    llvm_unreachable("Predicate info cannot be clobbered by both sides.");
   if (DoSwap) {
     std::swap(BBI1, BBI2);
     std::swap(Cond1, Cond2);

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