[PATCH] D23909: [X86] Remove DenseMap for storing FMA3 grouping information

Craig Topper via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 29 20:28:50 PDT 2016

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Hi Vyacheslav,

I suspected this would interfere with your plans. We had spoke a little about your optimization plans, but I wasn't sure if your optimization would be before or after isel.

I agree the FMA3 intrinsic bit was bad. I did remove 4 TSFlags bit before I made this patch so I did pay for myself, but you're right.

I believe you can get single precision or double precision from the VEX_W bit in TSFlags. But I don't think you can get packed vs scalar. Or add vs sub vs addsub vs subadd, etc without just hardcoding all the opcodes. There does appear to be at least some pattern to it. For instance all 132 opcodes are 0x96-0x9f, and all 213 opcodes are 0xa6-0xaf, and all 231 opcodes are 0xb6-0xbf. So you can infer the form from the first nibble. Not sure if we should rely on that without someway to check it.

I think I like some of your suggestion. I'll go see what I can come up with based on that and with your other requirements in mind.


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