[PATCH] D22173: Move LTO.cpp to a new LTOResolution library.

Mehdi AMINI via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri Jul 8 16:56:59 PDT 2016

mehdi_amini added a comment.

This seems very "artificial" to me and I'm not convince a new library is justified right now.

In include/llvm/LTO/ I can see: LTOCodeGenerator.h      LTOModule.h             ThinLTOCodeGenerator.h

What's the plan for all of that? If we're just dealing with legacy here, I'd just move all these into include/llvm/LTO/legacy/ instead. There's not much harm to have the three implementation file in lib/LTO.
At some point if libLTO.dylib is the only remaining user for these interface and the implementation targets the new LTO API, they could be moved to tools/lto/* and the header made private there.


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