Missing TargetPrefix for NVVM intrinsics

Justin Holewinski via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Jul 7 04:29:33 PDT 2016

Seems reasonable to me. Thanks for cleaning this up!

On 7/6/2016 6:39 PM, Justin Bogner wrote:
> Justin Lebar <jlebar at google.com> writes:
>>> I'll wait on the ones that drop the ptx intrinsics and builtins
>>> until I hear back about the ones that don't seem to have an nvvm
>>> equivalent.
>> What's the outstanding question, exactly?  It seems to me we should
>> just rename them.
> Ah, I misunderstood before.
> This ended up being a bit more work on the LLVM side, but the attached
> patch replaces all of the ptx.read intrinsics with nvvm.read.ptx.sreg
> variants, cleans up the duplicate nvvm variants that leaves around, and
> renames ptx.bar.sync to nvvm.bar.sync.
> The clang patch just updates the names and doesn't change anything with
> this version.

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