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Add details about LLVM Cauldron keynote


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         <li><a href="#dates">Important Dates</a></li>
+        <li><a href="#schedule">Schedule</a></li>
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+<div class="www_sectiontitle" id="schedule">Schedule</div>
+Stay tuned for more talks to be announced. We're thrilled that <a 
+href="http://wingolog.org/about/">Andy Wingo</a> will be presenting the 
+keynote on compilation with persistent data structures.
+  <li><b>Title</b>: Optimizing with persistent data structures</li>
+  <li><b>Abstract</b>: Is there life beyond phi variables and basic blocks? 
+  Andy will report on his experience using a new intermediate representation 
+  for compiler middle-ends, "CPS soup". The CPS soup language represents 
+  programs using Clojure-inspired maps, allowing optimizations to be neatly 
+  expressed as functions from one graph to another. Using these persistent 
+  data structures also means that the source program doesn't change while the 
+  residual program is being created, eliminating one class of problems that 
+  the optimizer writer has to keep in mind. Together we will look at some 
+  example transformations from an expressiveness as well as a performance 
+  point of view, and we will also cover some advantages which a traditional 
+  SSA graph maintains over CPS soup.</li>
+  <li><b>Bio</b>: Andy loves compilers. He has co-maintained the Guile
+  implementation of Scheme since 2009, and has also worked on the V8 and
+  SpiderMonkey JavaScript engines. He just passed his five-year
+  anniversary at <a href="https://www.igalia.com/">Igalia</a>, a consultancy 
+  out of Spain that is organized as a
+  worker-owned cooperative. After all these years, Andy's favorite
+  compilers paper is still "Lambda, the ultimate GOTO".</li>
 <div class="www_sectiontitle" id="register">Registration</div>
@@ -125,6 +155,8 @@ confirm a number of proposals prior to t
 See the <a href="https://gcc.gnu.org/wiki/cauldron2016#Travel">GNU Tools 
 Cauldron page</a> for information about hotels and public transport.
+If you require an visa invitation letter please contact asb at asbradbury.org
 This event will use the <a 
 href="http://llvm.org/docs/CodeOfConduct.html">draft LLVM community code of 

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