Missing TargetPrefix for NVVM intrinsics

Justin Holewinski via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Jul 6 04:32:27 PDT 2016

Yeah, this is probably better handled on llvm-commits. Swapping mailing 
lists. Any particular reason these aren't up on Phabricator?

Overall, the changes look good. A few comments:

--- a/lib/Target/NVPTX/NVPTXInstrInfo.cpp
+++ b/lib/Target/NVPTX/NVPTXInstrInfo.cpp
@@ -112,8 +112,6 @@ bool NVPTXInstrInfo::isStoreInstr(const MachineInstr 

  bool NVPTXInstrInfo::CanTailMerge(const MachineInstr *MI) const {
    unsigned addrspace = 0;
-  if (MI->getOpcode() == NVPTX::INT_CUDA_SYNCTHREADS)
-    return false;
    if (isLoadInstr(*MI, addrspace))
      if (addrspace == NVPTX::PTXLdStInstCode::SHARED)

This should be replaced with the bar0 intrinsic. Looks like a bug that 
bar0 is missing anyway.

--- a/include/clang/Basic/BuiltinsNVPTX.def
+++ b/include/clang/Basic/BuiltinsNVPTX.def
@@ -15,50 +15,21 @@
  // The format of this database matches clang/Basic/Builtins.def.

  // Builtins retained from previous PTX back-end

I would just remove the comment about being retained from the previous 
back-end. The intent is to remove all legacy compatibility.

--- a/test/Analysis/DivergenceAnalysis/NVPTX/diverge.ll
+++ b/test/Analysis/DivergenceAnalysis/NVPTX/diverge.ll
@@ -93,20 +93,20 @@ merge:
  ; int i = 0;
  ; do {
  ;   i++;                  // i here is uniform
-; } while (i < laneid);
+; } while (i < tid);
  ; return i == 10 ? 0 : 1; // i here is divergent
  ; The i defined in the loop is used outside.
  define i32 @loop() {
  ; CHECK-LABEL: Printing analysis 'Divergence Analysis' for function 'loop'
-  %laneid = call i32 @llvm.ptx.read.laneid()
+  %tid = call i32 @llvm.nvvm.read.ptx.sreg.tid.x()
    br label %loop
    %i = phi i32 [ 0, %entry ], [ %i1, %loop ]
    %i1 = add i32 %i, 1
-  %exit_cond = icmp sge i32 %i1, %laneid
+  %exit_cond = icmp sge i32 %i1, %tid
    br i1 %exit_cond, label %loop_exit, label %loop
    %cond = icmp eq i32 %i, 10

What is the intent of the change from laneid to tid?

On 7/5/2016 5:56 PM, Justin Bogner wrote:
> Justin Lebar <jlebar at google.com> writes:
>>> @jlebar, any issues on your end with removing all of the non-nvvm intrinsics?
>> I don't think so, if the functionality is all there from the nvvm
>> intrinsics.  Some if it may involve clang changes, which I'm not
>> exactly volunteering to do, but they should be simple.
> Okay, so if I've understood you both correctly, the attached six patches
> should do the trick, for both LLVM and clang. First, they rename the
> shfl intrinsics from __builtin_ptx_shfl to __nvvm_shfl. Second,
> they replace uses of cuda.syncthreads with nvvm.barrier0. Third, all of
> the ptx intrinsics and builtins are removed. Finally, I wrap the nvvm
> intrinsics with a TargetPrefix.
> Let me know if you want me to break any of these out into specific
> review threads on -commits.

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