[PATCH] D21492: [X86][NFC] Remove duplicate X86ELFObjectWriter class

Visoiu Mistrih Francis via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Sat Jun 18 12:04:43 PDT 2016

thegameg created this revision.
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* lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86AsmBackend.cpp:
The `X86ELFObjectWriter` class is implemented in
`lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86ELFObjectWriter.cpp` now.
The one in `X86AsmBackend.cpp` is not used anymore.



Index: lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86AsmBackend.cpp
--- lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86AsmBackend.cpp
+++ lib/Target/X86/MCTargetDesc/X86AsmBackend.cpp
@@ -60,13 +60,6 @@
 namespace {
-class X86ELFObjectWriter : public MCELFObjectTargetWriter {
-  X86ELFObjectWriter(bool is64Bit, uint8_t OSABI, uint16_t EMachine,
-                     bool HasRelocationAddend, bool foobar)
-    : MCELFObjectTargetWriter(is64Bit, OSABI, EMachine, HasRelocationAddend) {}
 class X86AsmBackend : public MCAsmBackend {
   const StringRef CPU;
   bool HasNopl;

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