[PATCH] D21475: [CFLAA] Summarize interprocedural aliasing information instead of recomputing it at callsite

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Fri Jun 17 12:13:07 PDT 2016

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> grievejia created this revision.
> grievejia added reviewers: george.burgess.iv, hfinkel.
> grievejia added a subscriber: llvm-commits.
> The primary goal of this patch is to put parameters/return value aliasing
> info of each function to its summary. Those info used to get computed at
> each callsite where the function gets invoked. If the said function gets
> invoked many times, we may end up with lots of redundant computations.
> This patch is almost functionality-preserving, except that I've changed
> the criteria of marking a function f external from "f->hasLocalLinkage()"
> to "f->isInterposable()".

Can you do that in a separate patch, before this one?

> I think the former is overly conservative since it only handles functions
> with internal or private linkage type, yet all we want for non-external
> functions is that they can't be overwritten while linking. If my thought
> turns out to be wrong, I'm happy to switch it back.

I believe your intuition is correct, but then someone always comes along
and comes up with a crazy testcase :)
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