[PATCH] D21448: Codegen: LICM Remove check for exactly 1 register def.

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Thu Jun 16 13:46:59 PDT 2016

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When considering whether to split an instruction with a memory operand
into an explicit load and a register-based instruction, we currently
check that the resulting instruction has exactly 1 def. This prevents 2
important LICM optimizations: compares with memory operands, and double
inderect calls. All the tests and the test-suite pass without the check.
My guess as to original intent is to limit the additional register pressure
created by the new instruction, but given that we only split out a single
register, it is already limited.

The licm-dominance test now checks actual memory loads for hoisting instead of
undef, and it tests compares.
hoist-invariant-load.ll now checks for 2 hoists, the intended hoist, and a bonus
from calling a got-relative function in a loop.




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