[PATCH] D20541: [esan|cfrag] Create the cfrag variable for the runtime

Derek Bruening via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Fri May 27 10:27:57 PDT 2016

bruening added a comment.

I think the commit message could do a better job of explaining that this is just a skeleton data structure being created here.  Its contents are not filled in yet for the cache frag tool.

> [esan|cfrag] Create the cfrag variable for the runtime

To me this implies it's created the finished data passed to the runtime, which is not true.  Adding "skeleton" or something, or "Part 1 of 2" or something would help.

> Adds static help routine createPrivateGlobalForString.

IMHO this is not a useful commit message line and should be removed.  Please describe what the new code is doing, not the name of helper routines.

> Adds createCacheFragInfoGV to create the cache-fragmentation tool

>  specific variable passed to the runtime library.


> Updates createEsanInitToolInfoGV to create the default ToolInfo struct

>  if no tool specific variable is created.

I would suggest removing the function names and describing in prose what is happening.  Maybe something like "Adds a global variable containing preliminary information for the runtime.  Passes a pointer to the variable to the compilation unit init routine in the runtime.  The varable initially contains just the compilation unit name."


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