[PATCH] D20706: [LibFuzzer] Refactor declaration of tests in CMake.

Dan Liew via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu May 26 15:53:39 PDT 2016

delcypher added a comment.

@kcc @aizatsky: To give you more context as to how these changes are going to be used I have some WIP patches that depend on this one:

- fix weak linking issues on OSX:


- Disable building DFSan tests when host compiler doesn't support it


With those changes LibFuzzer can be compiled and the tests can be built on OSX. There are still test failures but this one step closer to bringing LibFuzzer to OSX.

  Failing Tests (7):
      LLVMFuzzer :: fuzzer-leak.test
      LLVMFuzzer :: fuzzer-oom.test
      LLVMFuzzer :: fuzzer-trace-pc.test
      LLVMFuzzer :: fuzzer-traces.test
      LLVMFuzzer-Unittest :: LLVMFuzzer-Unittest/FuzzerDictionary.ParseDictionaryFile
      LLVMFuzzer-Unittest :: LLVMFuzzer-Unittest/FuzzerDictionary.ParseOneDictionaryEntry
      LLVMFuzzer-Unittest :: LLVMFuzzer-Unittest/FuzzerMutate.ShuffleBytes2
    Expected Passes    : 35
    Unsupported Tests  : 1
    Unexpected Failures: 7


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