[PATCH] D20084: [sanitizer] Initial implementation of a Hardened Allocator

Kostya Serebryany via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu May 26 13:04:14 PDT 2016

kcc added a comment.

So one possible way is to re-define __sanitizer::CheckFailed. 
It should be relatively easy if we never going to allow mixing scudo and the sanitizers. 
There is no way to mix scudo and asan/tsan/msan anyway, because they have conflicting allocators. 
You may mix scudo and ubsan, since ubsan does not have an allocator, but the only sane way to have ubasan
in prod is to use it in trapping mode which does not have run-time. So we are good here too.

So, try this:

- move __sanitizer::CheckFailed into a separate file.
- make sure it is used by *san
- make sure it is  not used by scudo
- defined your own __sanitizer::CheckFailed

I have not tested it, so something may go wrong, you'll need to experiment...


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