[PATCH] D20654: [pdb] Try super hard to conserve memory in llvm-pdbdump

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We map the entire PDB into the process, and then when reading various streams, in order to guarantee that we have certain structures in a contiguous format, we read them out of the stream and order them appropriately, essentially copying the bytes.

This is incredibly memory inefficient, as it essentially means that loading a PDB into memory will use roughly double the file size since almost all important data structures are copied.

To address this, I've introduced a number of steps:

1. Introduce a class called `StreamView`.  This is analagous to an `ArrayRef`.  It provides a limited window on top of a larger stream (which can be any type of stream, including another `StreamView`.  This is useful for constraining stream operations to specific substreams or fields, for example when one large stream is broken into multiple logical sections.

2. Introduce a set of 3 "stream data structures".  These are currently `StreamString`, `FixedStreamArray<T>`, and `VarStreamArray`.  These classes all share the same underlying purpose:  Try to return references to values in the source byte stream if it the needed done contiguously, but if not, copy them into temporary storage.  The first one wraps a String, the second one wraps an array of fixed size records, and the third one wraps an array of variable length records.  `VarStreamArray` will prove particularly useful, because in order to return a reference to the data in the source byte stream, the entire array need not be contiguous, only the single record being requested.  

3. Update the `StreamReader` class to be able to read values of type `StreamString, `FixedStreamArray<T>`, and `VarStreamArray`.  

I updated `DBIStream` to use these new classes in a number of places, but currently there is not much memory savings because it's not yet being used on the type and symbol records stream, which comprise 95% of the file size.  I plan to do that in a subsequent patch but I just wanted to get the infrastructure in place first.



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