[PATCH] D20089: Adding a TargetParser for AArch64

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Tue May 24 02:23:56 PDT 2016

jojo added a comment.

> While I agree with Bradley that the repetition is not pretty, I think it will expose all issues to make a class design simple and straightforward, once we get all the sharp edges out. But we need to know what are the difficulties on Clang, llc and the back-ends, and make sure that the architectural part of the change is correct, before we that.

A class based design *will* change how every TargetParser method is being called now, and will touch a large number of files with mechanical changes, including in the ARM side, unrelated to the addition of AArch64.

Yes.It will be a big project really,especially for me.I need to have a considerable understanding of the front-end, back-end, and the arm architecture, if I'm going to do it.

> After my failed attempt at getting a class design across, I'd rather introduce functionality first, then design better, than the other way round. But I think they should be separated commits based on their intents and merits alone.

Totally agree.And that's exactly what I think.I think we can take class design as a low priority task.Maybe we could put it in our backlog list.



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