[PATCH] D19686: [PowerPC] Fix the EH_SjLj_Setup pseudo.

Hal Finkel via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Apr 28 14:07:32 PDT 2016

hfinkel added a comment.

Can you construct a test case by running llc with -filetype=obj, and then llvm-objdump (or llvm-mc --disassemble or whatever works)?

Comment at: lib/Target/PowerPC/PPCInstrInfo.td:1406
@@ -1405,3 +1405,3 @@
-let isBranch = 1, isTerminator = 1 in {
+let isBranch = 1, isTerminator = 1, Size = 0 in {
   def EH_SjLj_Setup : Pseudo<(outs), (ins directbrtarget:$dst),
Please add a comment explaining that this pseudo instruction is never removed from the function because it serves as a terminator, and we set size to 0 to prevent the builtin assembler from emitting it.



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