[PATCH] D17065: Defer CWD in MCContext lookup as late as possible.

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Tue Mar 22 14:25:27 PDT 2016

I'm good with this.



On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 10:31 PM Chandler Carruth <chandlerc at gmail.com>

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> wrote:
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>> >>
>> >> Currently MCContext tries to lookup CWD on construction.  This causes
>> >> sandboxing violations when using LLVM in a daemon without filesystem
>> >> access.  The solution is defer CWD lookup until absolutely necessary.
>> >
>> > The goal here makes perfect sense, but I wonder if this is the right
>> > fix... It seems almost too surgical, and makes it really easy to
>> > change MC in a way that yet again violates things.
>> >
>> > I feel like the MCContext shouldn't be looking at the filesystem *at
>> > all*, and it should be the client that sets up the MCContext that
>> > provides a compilation directory, potentially via the filesystem
>> > query, where appropriate. Does that make sense here?
>> For all intents and purposes, this is already done and the code Owen's
>> removing here is functionally dead.
>> - Clang calls setCompilationDir (by passing -fdebug-compilation-dir to
>>   clang -cc1) with the result of current_path unless current_path fails,
>>   but it would just fail again if that happened.
>> - opt and llc don't generate debug info, so they just pass along the
>>   AT_comp_dir directive in the IR if it's there.
>> - llvm-mc does rely on this, but (1) it's a testing tool, and (2) it's
>>   trivial to make it call current_path.
>> I think we just want to remove the call to current_path in LLVMContext's
>> constructor and add a call to setCompilationDir in llvm-mc, like in the
>> attached patch. WDYT?
> LGTM, but should probably confirm with Eric as well.
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