[PATCH] D18258: Have DataLayout::isLegalInteger accept a uint64_t

Michael Kuperstein via llvm-commits llvm-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Mar 17 16:58:03 PDT 2016

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Integer type sizes may have up to IntegerType::MAX_INT_BITS, which is currently 1<<23, so nothing that fits into an unsigned int will not be legal. However, having a uint64_t passed here avoids bugs due to truncation from uint64_t, as in PR26972.

Alternatively, we can require always checking for < UINT_MAX (or, better yet, for < MAX_INT_BITS) explicitly before calling DataLayout::isLegalInteger(), but that would make code like "DL.isLegalInteger(DL.getTypeSizeInBits(Ty))" (which we currently have in several places) wrong.



Index: test/Transforms/SROA/pr26972.ll
--- test/Transforms/SROA/pr26972.ll
+++ test/Transforms/SROA/pr26972.ll
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+; RUN: opt < %s -sroa -S | FileCheck %s
+target datalayout = "e-m:o-i64:64-f80:128-n8:16:32:64-S128"
+target triple = "x86_64-pc-linux"
+; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
+define void @fn1() {
+  %a = alloca [1073741825 x i32], align 16
+  %t0 = bitcast [1073741825 x i32]* %a to i8*
+  call void @llvm.lifetime.end(i64 4294967300, i8* %t0)
+  ret void
+declare void @llvm.lifetime.end(i64, i8* nocapture)
Index: include/llvm/IR/DataLayout.h
--- include/llvm/IR/DataLayout.h
+++ include/llvm/IR/DataLayout.h
@@ -236,14 +236,14 @@
   /// on any known one. This returns false if the integer width is not legal.
   /// The width is specified in bits.
-  bool isLegalInteger(unsigned Width) const {
+  bool isLegalInteger(uint64_t Width) const {
     for (unsigned LegalIntWidth : LegalIntWidths)
       if (LegalIntWidth == Width)
         return true;
     return false;
-  bool isIllegalInteger(unsigned Width) const { return !isLegalInteger(Width); }
+  bool isIllegalInteger(uint64_t Width) const { return !isLegalInteger(Width); }
   /// Returns true if the given alignment exceeds the natural stack alignment.
   bool exceedsNaturalStackAlignment(unsigned Align) const {

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