[PATCH] D18230: [SimplifyLibCalls] Simplify strlen to a subtraction for certain cases

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Wed Mar 16 15:02:18 PDT 2016

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This patch implements this optimization: 

            strlen(s + x)  --> strlen(s) - x,  

where s is a pointer to a string literal, and x is an integer variable. Note that strlen(s) is a constant which is known at compile time. This optimization is legal when one of the following is true:
      A. x is known to be within the range [0, strlen(s)]
      B. The string literal is null-terminated and has only one null terminator "\0" at its end, and (s + x) is proved to be an out-of-bound pointer when x < 0 or x > strlen(s). 

Case A is straightforward. For case B, it's legal to do this optimization because strlen will have undefined behavior when (s + x) is out of bound. 



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